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Canadian Beef and #SCCTO

Beef, Conference, Recipes, Uncategorized - rossana - October 12, 2012

One of the great sponsors of the ShesConnected conference {#SCCTO} is Canadian Beef Inc.  They are an independent national organization handling the marketing and promotion of the Canadian cattle and beef industry worldwide.

Did you know?

  • There are 83,000 farms and ranches with beef cattle across Canada.
  • The average beef cow herd size in Canada is 61.
  • There are a lot of small cattle farms with 61% of the farms having less than 47 cows.
  • Canada produced 3.4 billion pounds of beef in 2009.
  • Canadians eat 46 pounds (20.9 kg) of beef per person annually.
  • Canada is the 6th largest beef exporting country in the world.
  • Beef production contributed $23 billion to Canada’s economy in 2009.

Canadian Beef Inc. supports Canada’s 83,000 hard working beef farming families from coast to coast.  They are  an awesome organization!

This week, I will get to meet some of their team at the ShesConnected conference, and I am so excited! Along with being great sponsors of the conference they have done some great blogger outreach programs with ShesConnected.

Now, I love my beef and the fact that it is Canadian is even better, because when I buy Canadian beef, I know am helping to support some of those 83000 beef farmers we have here in Canada.  The best part of eating Canadian Beef?  Beef is all natural, so I can have it any time on my gluten free diet.  I love that – just natural!

Canadian beef is also nutrient rich; every bite of lean Canadian beef is packed with 14 essential nutrients. There are 34.6 g of protein in 100 grams of cooked, lean only Canadian beef. It is also naturally rich in iron that is easily absorbed by your body. Iron, is an essential mineral found in every cell in your body that helps builds red blood cells and keeps your cells working. So I know I am giving my family great nutrition when I serve beef.

Their website  has hundreds of recipes, video cooking lessons, step-by-step cooking instructions, nutrition & health tips along with tons of nutritional information .  There is so much information available; they also have a monthly newsletter, Make it Beef Club. Definitely worth signing up for!

They also have a great blog, full of great information and they answer a lot of reader questions, such a great resource! So much great information and great recipes!

This is one I will have to try next time we have company over :

Lime-Chipotle Rotisserie Roast

Canadian Beef

Taken from the Canadian Beef Website


So if you are at the ShesConnected  Conference on October 19 and 20th,  please stop by and say hello to the lovely ladies from Canadian Beef and show them some love! 😉

See you at the conference!


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ShesConnected Conference, are you going? I am! #SCCTO

Conference, Uncategorized - rossana - September 20, 2012

It is that time of the year again,  kids are back at school, weather is cooling down, leaves are falling and SCCTO is almost here! So many of us look forward to this time of year – I  have to admit I can’t wait for the kids to get back to school – my mantra is the Staples theme song ‘It’s  the most wonderful time of the year’ ! But one of the other favorite things happening at this time is the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto.  This year it is being held Oct 19-20 at the Toronto Convention Center.  It is going to be an action packed 2 days filled with all kinds of great information and fun!

There are so many tracks for you to choose from, the  ShesConnected Conference agenda is  amazing! I am having a hard time deciding, they all look so good!  No matter what level of blogging you are at , there is something for everyone. There are also some amazing sponsors to talk to and get to know.  Make sure that you are prepared when talking to them and have a press kit  ready to hand to them.

Here is a link  provided by one  of the ShesConnected Conference ambassadors [Julia from Nugglemama] on building a media kit.

ShesConnected also  holds weekly chats  [#sheschat] on Twitter to help answers some questions you may have about attending conferences and  to get you prepared.  Make sure to join in on Mondays at 1pm and again at 9 pm if you missed the earlier time . It is a great time to “meet’ some of the #SCCTO Attendees before the conference and gather great info.

See you at #Sheschat on Monday! 😉




ShesConnected Conference, are you going? I am! #SCCTO

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