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Holiday Baking #CTChristmas

Cookies, Desserts, Holidays - Chief Cook - December 18, 2015

There’s only one week left until Christmas. So our family is doing one last great baking marathon this weekend.

From gingerbread men to shortbread cookies, and yes, even a fruitcake or two. There’ll be flour everywhere and I’m sure we’ll run out of something and have to make a last minute trip to the store to get ingredients. But as a family activity it’s one of my favourites. We’ll turn on some Christmas music, put on our aprons and get mixing!

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Do you have some family favourites that you make every year? Share your family’s favourite holiday baking in the comments!


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Christmas Shopping Tips #CTChristmas

Holidays, Tips & Tricks - Chief Cook - December 11, 2015

Greeting card with new year

Only 14 days left until Christmas, which means only two more weekends to get your Christmas shopping done. If you’re like me and have barely started (or not started at all) you may think it’s time to start panicking. But fear not, I have some tips to help you relax and tackle your to-dos in an orderly fashion:

  1. Make a list and stick to it. There’s nothing more stressful than the guild of feeling like you over spent. Do your research before hand so you know what you’re in for and shop within your means. What’s everyone getting? What is it going to cost approximately? Where can I get it?
  2. Shop online. Many online shops have a quick turnaround time on shipping. Just to be safe though, I’d recommend ordering by the end of this weekend. Otherwise, you might find yourself on December 21 beginning to wonder if it’ll show up on time.
  3. Go into stores early. No one likes a crowded mall – it’s stressful trying to fight through the crowds. Find out what time the store opens and get there early. It doesn’t have to be right at 9 am, but after lunch is a bad time. Plus, going early gives you the rest of your day to sit back and enjoy a cup of spiced eggnog.
  4. Give experiences. Not sure what to get that person who has everything? Consider tickets to a concert, play, or an upcoming wine or scotch fest. Give them something they can go do rather than have. And make sure there are two tickets so they can take someone along (hopefully you!).
  5. Wrap it up! A lot of malls have wrapping services that donates the money to a charity. Save yourself some headache and time by dropping the gifts off with them while you go enjoy a latte.

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Christmas Markets #CTChristmas

Holidays - Chief Cook - December 4, 2015


Christmas Markets are one of the most enchanting parts of the holidays! Lining the streets of the markets are adorable food and craft stands and overhead are strings and strings of twinkling lights. It’s a great activity for everyone in the family – during the day there are lots of entertainers for kids and at night the streets are lined with booths for sweets and stronger sipping ciders.

IMG_0871 (1)

I visited the Toronto Christmas Market last weekend and it was a magical night! True to the family spirit of the holidays, I brought my mother as my date for the night. Toronto’s historic Distillery district was transformed into a festive fiesta! We ate on the patio of one of the restaurants. Initially I was opposed to the idea of sitting outside in the Canadian winter weather but the patio was equipped with blazing fires, outdoor heaters, and wool blankets. After dinner we wandered the streets to the tune of live Christmas carolers while we sipped Hot Toddies. There were so many adorable stands – you could snack on everything from traditional poutine to sprinkle-covered Stax pastries!

There are large Christmas markets in Vancouver, Kitchener, and Quebec, as well as smaller ones in cities across the country!

It’s definitely worth a trip to your local Christmas market – tis the season after all!

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Celebration, Events, Fun - Chief Cook - November 25, 2015

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, the folks at Canadian Tire are giving you a chance to wish and win ANYTHING in the Canadian Tire flyer! Canadian Tire will be giving away one prize per hour for 25 days! The contest begins on November 23rd, 2015 and runs until December 17th, 2015. You can enter once per day so start tweeting!

What am I wishing for this holiday season?

Hand Blender

This Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is perfect for creating sauces!


Philips Pasta Maker – one of my favorites family bonding nights is making homemade pasta – everyone can get involved!

Pizza Oven

I can’t wait to make personal pizzas in this Black & Decker Pizza Oven


KitchenAid 4-in-1 Spiralizer is great for upping your fruit salad game


Join us to celebrate the holidays at the #CTWishAndWin Twitter Party.
Twitter Party Details:
Date: December 1st, 2015
Time: 8:00 p.m. E
Hashtag: #CTWishAndWin
Host: @CanadianTire
Prizing: 10 x $100 @CanadianTire Gift Cards

Anyone can participate but only Canadians can win prizes, excluding those in the province of Quebec.

There are so many great prizes in the flyers – from power tools to Canadian Tire’s amazing new CANVAS Christmas collection!The CANVAS collection has everything you need to deck out your home in style for the holidays. There’s something for everyone in the flyer so enter now and get your holiday shopping done (or pick up a little something for yourself!) If you’re lost on what to get a friend or family member, Canadian Tire has created this handy guide on how the Foodie, the Do-it-Yourselfer, the Toy lover, the Auto enthusiast and the connoisseur of clean. Check it out here

Entering is easy!

pick a prize

 Pick your prize – choose a product from the print or digital flyer

Snap A photo

Snap a photo – take a photo of your product from the flyer or select one from the digital flyer


Tag it #CTWishandWIn – Share on Twitter, Instagram, or or share it from the digital flyer.


What are you wishing for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to see you at the #CTWishandWin Twitter Party and remember to tweet what YOU want for Christmas with the hashtag #CTWishandWin

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Celebrating Easter and Passover

Celebration, Holidays, Uncategorized - rossana - April 6, 2012

This weekend, Both Easter and Passover will be celebrated, but no matter which holiday you celebrate, there are many traditions that come with both.

 Food is an integral part of those traditions, but whether you are serving matzo & matzo ball soup and brisket, lamb or ham; it is a wonderful gathering and a time to enjoy family.

 Everyone has special memories surrounding certain foods, and this helps solidify all the relationships we have with each other. Easter and Passover  help to reinforce that.

 At our house, we celebrate Easter.  As a young girl, I remember going to church on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday, but most of all, I remember all the food & all the family together.  We have slightly different traditions now as we integrate them with my husband’s family, but we still have the food and. the family get-together

One tradition that will never change is making sure everyone gets chocolate!  When our daughter was little, the Easter egg hunt was the highlight of the morning [it usually took all morning for her to find all the eggs] over the years, she has become much better & faster at  finding them [ or I became predictable 😉 ] . Even though she is a teen, she has asked for us to do that again this year, without the usual notes from the Easter Bunny. Well, we stopped that a few years ago… when we had to tell her that we were the Easter Bunny as well as Santa and the tooth fairy.

But at our house even the adults get chocolate – it is only fair! We just don’t have to go looking for it!  

Hope that whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover , you embrace and enjoy family [and the food].



Celebrating Easter and Passover




Happy Easter and Happy Passover!


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