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I Feel a Stew Day Coming On

Dinner, Recipes, slow food, Soups & Stews, Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized - Jennifer - December 28, 2010

I can’t even imagine making beef stew in the summer. Seriously, I don’t think the idea would even occur to me between the months of May and September. But come October, when the midwestern weather turns crisp and cool, a lightbulb goes on inside my head, and I say to myself, “Aha, stew!”  To me, it’s the ultimate comfort food, with the added appeal of slow-cooker simplicity.

Now, I do absolutely nothing fancy when I make beef stew.  I use probably the most elemental recipe out there:  beef stew meat, veggies, beef bouillon.  But my children still balked, every single time I made it.  Luckily, I figured out how to trick them, and the secret is . . . soup.  For whatever reason, they’ll eat it if I call it soup instead of stew.  I use onion soup mix for the broth, so now I just add a little extra water and, voila, beef stew soup!  Here you go:


Layer ingredients in Crockpot in the following order:
chopped carrots, celery & onion (enough to cover bottom of Crockpot)
4-6 large potatoes (peeled and cubed)
1 lb. beef stew meat
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 beef bouillon cube, dissolved in 1 c. hot water
1 pkg. instant onion soup mix, dissolved in 2-3 c. hot water

I usually set my slow cooker on high for the first four hours, and turn it down to low until we’re ready to eat, 7-8 hours total.

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Cook Out Please

Dinner, Recipes, slow food, Tips & Tricks - Kayla - June 23, 2010

YEAH! it’s Summer! For me that means cook out’s! All around my neighborhood you can smell the delicious smoke of BBQ’s and smokers grilling their way to dinner perfection.

I grew up grilling and whether you consider yourself a griller or BBQ’r (yes there is a difference)  I think we can all agree if it’s cooked outside it’s better!

ok confession time…….. I am a pretty good baker, a decent cook, a seasoned canner, and a horrible griller! I am not sure if it is my impatient nature or my constant need to multi task which you cannot do while tending meat on a grill. What ever it is I have burnt everything from fish to the side of my house trying to master this backyard fair.

So I decided to bow out gracefully and just provide you with some links for your summer outdoor cooking!


BBQ pork rotisserie–Grilling/Main.aspx ·

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Week Night Fav

Recipes, slow food, Timesavers, Tips & Tricks - Kayla - October 13, 2009

We are a busy family & one of my most trusted kitchen gadgets it my crock pot. So when I need a hearty family favorite with little effort I turn to my old friend crocky & whip up some french dips paired Fries, or salad, or whatever is in the fridge & my family thinks I am the coolest!

Jenna French Dip

One roast any kind

One can beef broth

One package pot roast seasoning (I likeMckormic )

One can water

Throw all in the crock pot  minus the rolls & cheese & cook on low for 8 hours

When done shred meat & return to liquid. Fill each hoagie roll with meat & cheese. broil for a few seconds, you can also serve with onions or your mushrooms for some added kick.

 Use liquid from crock for dipping!

I serve this dish with fries & it’s always a hit :) You can serve french dips with just about anything, and since the bread fills the plate you will most likely have left over meat you can reinvent for a new meal like beef pot pie, or beef quesadillas.

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Dutch Oven Cooking Feels Like Home

Dinner, kitchen gadgets, slow food - Kayla - September 29, 2009

I love a home cooked meal & for me that sometimes means from a dutch oven in a pit covered in coals. Some of the best meals I have ever eaten were made in a cast iron pots miles from civilization.  So when I found this cool site on all things dutch I had to share it.

Dutch oven cooking can be done at home or in the back woods & has been around for hundreds of years. It is not as hard as it looks & trust me you have not lived until you have had peach cobbler ala dutch!

-Keep Cooking

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Stay young with this smoothie!

Found this recipe in a card mailed to me by Body & Soul Whole Living Magazine.

In an electric blender, combine frozen organic blueberries and strawberries, 1/2 cup chilled green tea (unsweetened), 3/4 cup plain low-fat organic yogurt, 2 tbs ground flaxseed and a little trubinado or raw organic sugar to taste.

Blend till smooth—yum…and don’t you look young!

Contains about 250 calories, 13g protein, 9 grams fat, 35 g carbs and 8 g fibers–the perfect calorie combo. Thanks, Martha Stewart!

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wave goodbye to your microwave

slow food - Kayla - March 25, 2008

Want food that tastes better and is better for you and the environment? Then wave goodbye to your microwave.

First of all, most of what we “nuke” is frozen, processed, prepackaged, and far from its original state. It’s loaded with sodium, preservatives and lots of not-so-good-for-you ingredients–many that we don’t even know about because the FDA doesn’t require food companies to place all of them on their labels.

Secondly, there’s the questionable effects that microwaves have on us, and our food. Like everything else, our food has an energy or “life force” that gets destroyed when we nuke it. And it just doesn’t look or taste good without it!

I’ve also noticed that sometimes it’s even faster to cook on the stove than to use the microwave. That doesn’t seem to make sense.

But anyway, there’s a slow food movement out there, and I think I’m going to join. At least part-time. Life is so fast-paced, it could probably benefit us all mentally, physically–even fiscally!–if we went back to the basics and started to eat and prepare more of our food closer to the way nature intended it.

Keep your tastebuds tuned. I’m taking my time, but I’ll be back with tips and real-food recipes sometime soon!

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