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“Glory Days” and Chocolate

Sweets, Tasty Travels - Jennifer - November 12, 2011

Many moons ago, I went to college in a small town outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Back in September, I had the pleasure of road-tripping up to DePere with my college roommates and spending a weekend on and around the St. Norbert College campus where we all met.  I hadn’t been up there in 18 years, and was amazed how drastically things have changed.  Entire new buildings, amazing renovations, quadrupled tuition!  But it still felt great to visit our old dorms and apartments, to wander the academic buildings and see the names of professors from “our day” still teaching there, and to giggle with old friends like the teenagers we still feel we are.

And did I mention the food?  We met one old roommate for dinner in Milwaukee on our way up, and continued to eat our way through Green Bay and DePere for the next two days:  seafood, pizza, big breakfasts, brats & beer on campus.  It was not a weekend for the diet-conscious, for sure!  On our way out of town, we even managed to stop at Seroogy’s for some of the best chocolate around.

Now, I’m from Chicago, where Fannie May reigns supreme and it wouldn’t be a holiday if someone didn’t arrive with a box of Mint Meltaways or a Colonial Assortment.  But up in Northern Wisconsin, Seroogy’s has been the place for chocolates since 1899.  Who are we to overlook those credentials?  And just look what I found:

Aren’t they beautiful?  Truffles in milk or dark chocolate, and each of those is flavored:  lemon, orange, raspberry, etc.  I just keep thinking how great they would be on tables at a wedding or as a giveaway at an art exhibit, being that each one is a mini-work of art in itself.

In addition to chocolate, Seroogy’s also offers an assortment of novelty candies, including lots of Packer-themed sweets, and their own coffees.  They also carry the ubiquitous (at least in Green Bay) cheese-head hats and some other toys, like these cute little wind-up guys my roommate bought to bring home to her son in California.

Hopefully, it won’t take us another 18 years to get back up there.  But at least I know I can order from Seroogy’s online.  Enjoy!





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Halloween Candy: Choose Carefully, or You Could Send the Wrong Message!

Sweets - Jennifer - October 27, 2011

I’ll be heading out to Sam’s Club in a few minutes to lay in our supply of Halloween candy.  We get a LOT of trick or treaters, so I have to be adequately prepared.  We live near the busy intersection of two main routes through our town, and our corner seems to be a drop off point for van-loads of kids (and some are none too young!) from other communities who invade ours for the goodies.  We are not an upscale village, by any means, but I think we just have lots of people who rush home from work to be there and actually answer the door, and the opportunists have discovered us!

I generally buy heavier on the chocolate end because those are the leftovers we prefer to have around (as if there are any leftovers!), but I also add in some chewy confections because my kids like those.  And now, your choice of candy as a barometer of what kind of person you are (tee-hee!):

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