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Favourite Halloween costume- it is that time of year!

Fun, Uncategorized - rossana - October 4, 2012

Halloween is coming up just around the corner. Do your kids have a favourite Halloween costume planned?  My daughter would start to think about her costume literally the week after Halloween – I loved her enthusiasm!

She came up with some pretty cool ideas and she would get them all together herself.  She must have caught that from my husband – he loved dressing up for Halloween – had elaborate costumes that he made himself – we finally got rid of some of them on our move back from Vancouver, but I am sure he is wishing we had kept them.  I remember one year, he decided he was going to be a Christmas tree – he looked great, awesome tree – only problem was that back then we didn’t have battery powered lights, so he had to stay close to a plug so his lights would work!

Here is one of the costumes we did manage to keep.

Favourite Halloween Costume


Do you have a favorite costume that you made up from your past or your child’s?

If you happen to have captured some awesome Halloween costumes and moments,  Nestle Canada  is sponsoring a great contest ->  .  Enter to win grand prize of  $2000 of Chocolates for you and your street!  There will also be 5 weekly prizes drawn.

Make sure to like their page and just upload at least one (1) photograph of yourself, somebody or someone you know wearing a Halloween costume. You can enter as many times as you would like; you have until Oct 8th, then finalists will be  chosen by the judging panel.  They  will judge the entries based on a combination of the following judging criteria; the best that  demonstrate costume creativity, humour, scariness and originality. You will then be able to vote for your favourite FINALIST by October 22nd, the winner will be announced October 24th.  Unfortunately, this contest is only open to Canadians, except those in Quebec. Read rules and regulations.

Good luck !



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ShesConnected Conference, are you going? I am! #SCCTO

Conference, Uncategorized - rossana - September 20, 2012

It is that time of the year again,  kids are back at school, weather is cooling down, leaves are falling and SCCTO is almost here! So many of us look forward to this time of year – I  have to admit I can’t wait for the kids to get back to school – my mantra is the Staples theme song ‘It’s  the most wonderful time of the year’ ! But one of the other favorite things happening at this time is the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto.  This year it is being held Oct 19-20 at the Toronto Convention Center.  It is going to be an action packed 2 days filled with all kinds of great information and fun!

There are so many tracks for you to choose from, the  ShesConnected Conference agenda is  amazing! I am having a hard time deciding, they all look so good!  No matter what level of blogging you are at , there is something for everyone. There are also some amazing sponsors to talk to and get to know.  Make sure that you are prepared when talking to them and have a press kit  ready to hand to them.

Here is a link  provided by one  of the ShesConnected Conference ambassadors [Julia from Nugglemama] on building a media kit.

ShesConnected also  holds weekly chats  [#sheschat] on Twitter to help answers some questions you may have about attending conferences and  to get you prepared.  Make sure to join in on Mondays at 1pm and again at 9 pm if you missed the earlier time . It is a great time to “meet’ some of the #SCCTO Attendees before the conference and gather great info.

See you at #Sheschat on Monday! 😉




ShesConnected Conference, are you going? I am! #SCCTO

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I love chicken!

Barbeque, Dinner, Recipes, Uncategorized - rossana - July 29, 2012

Chicken – one of our favorite meals around here, we love it any which way!

Now that it is BBQ season,  it is the only way to cook our chicken – I love grilled chicken breasts, (bone in or boned),  kebabs,   done in foil packets and of course, the famous beer can chicken (although ours isn’t really in a beer can, we have a special stand).


Chicken is such a fast and nutritious meal to prepare [it also one I know my daughter won’t balk at!]. So I know that my family is being fed well; both white and  dark meat are  nutritious and a  great  source of protein, niacin, phosphorous, B6, B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc.


There are so many different ways of preparing chicken, being able to BBQ adds a new level to it.


If I am running out or busy, I know that I can prepare the chicken with a sauce in foil packet and it is ready to go on the BBQ when my husband gets home and they don’t have to  take any special precautions when handling  because I have taken care of all that! [makes me worry a lot less!].


Want to know more about chicken and our Chicken Farmers? Take a look at their website, lots of great information and articles as well as wonderful recipes!


I am going to have to try this Ginger-Lime grilled chicken soon, looks so good!


Ginger-Lime Chicken - image courtesy of Canadian Farmers


Join us this Wednesday for our #SCFoodChat on twitter at 1pm EST – We will be chatting Chicken!

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Maple Leaf products making life easier!

Uncategorized - rossana - July 20, 2012

Summer time is for taking it easy – day trips, camp days for kids and vacations. So it is really nice to come home and be able to get a meal together and prepared really quickly. That is what I love about the Maple Leaf products.

Whether you are getting a salad ready or trying to get dinner ready for your family- the line of Maple Leaf  products is great! My husband really likes the cooked Bacon, I find the bacon great to take along on picnics to add to sandwiches or salad for an extra boost of protein. But there are so many great products to choose from.

One of these great products is their fully cooked and sliced Chicken breasts. These are juicy, tender, and lightly seasoned, and the chicken slices make a great addition to any meal to make it complete, so dinner can be ready in a snap!

You should also check out their great recipe section, so many wonderful ones to try! This is one that I made recently, the cooked chicken breast made it so quick to prepare  and my husband loved it!

While you are on the site, stop by and check out some of their other sections – I love stopping by the market!


Maple Leaf

True Love Contest

P.S. right now you can celebrate the official foods of summer enter their “True Love”  summer foods contest and you can win ‘what you love’  with a $25000 grand prize.

Enjoy! :)

Don’t forget to join us on Twitter on Wednesday for our Summer Food Chat at 1pm EST #SCFoodChat.




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Summertime fun with President’s Choice

I love summer, and when we get weather like we have had this past week- well, it only makes it so much more enjoyable!

We spend a lot of time outside – so it only makes sense that we do a lot of our eating outside too!  Evening BBQs, family get-togethers, picnics and of course, the beach!

The other thing I look forward to is seeing all the summer edition of the President’s Choice Insider’s report.

There are always so many great articles inside as well as recipes, and of course all the great new products they have come with for the summer.  Pick up yours next time you head into the store, or sign up for their insider’s club online so that you can  browse through the archives for more recipes and articles.

As I mentioned, grilling is big  in our house, and I found this great article on all the different types of grilling you can do – love some of these and am going to try them – Direct and Indirect Barbecuing, –(I use indirect for most of my BBQing) Smoking, Brick Cooking, Wood Plank Grilling and Aromatic wood chips.

A great product for  summer grilling- the PC Angus Sliders – Mini-burgers – great as appetizers for small gatherings, or for snacks for the kids!

Take a look at all the great new products that President’s Choice has to offer for the summer – those PC Blue Menu Swirl Smoothies look really good – will have to make a trek down to Loblaws to get some for the w/e.

Summer fun with President's Choice pruducts

Mmmm...look so refreshing! Image courtesy of President's Choice

Oh, perfect timing too – this Sat, July 14th PC is having its Customer Appreciation Day at Loblaws, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore Ontario, where you’ll pay NO TAX on almost everything in the store! Some restrictions apply, see in store for details.

Enjoy, maybe I’ll see you there! 😉

Don’t forget, our weekly #summerfood chat on Wednesdays at1pm EST, see you there!

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Kraft Canada Salad centre saves the day!

Barbeque, Dinner, healthy "fast" food, Salad, Uncategorized - rossana - July 4, 2012

Do you get those days where you want something different, nutritious but uncomplicated?  I know I do… a lot! That is where the Kraft Canada Salad Centre comes in! It is really great when we have been running around all day and want something light but nutritious. They have so many great salad recipes on the site, but one of the great things about this page is that you can use their Salad Creator.


The Salad Creator is a fun way to make a salad! You choose any one of three categories, and then choose from the list of ingredients they have listed within these categories; they suggest other ingredients that will compliment what you have chosen. So… if you are really craving something, see what else will go with it to make a meal!


Voila… you have a great salad to prepare.


If you aren’t so adventurous and want to stick to tried and true recipes, they have so many to choose from – whether you are looking for an entrée salad or a nice fruit salad as a light meal.


One of my favorites is their Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad. Great for a fast meal after a long day!


You can see  the recipe for Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad on the Kraft Canada Site  

Kraft Canada Salad Centre

Image from Kraft Canada Site - Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad


There are many more great salad recipes on the site – something for everyone! They also include some great tips along with each recipe as well as  some possible substitutions to let you make it more your own as well.

While you are on the Kraft Canada site take a look at what they offer… FYI, you might need a while!

Next week we launch our weekly summer food chat inspired by Kraft’s Salad Centre!  Wednesday at 1pm #summerfood. 


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Wordless Wednesday – Favorite grilled vegetable

Barbeque, Uncategorized, Vegetables - rossana - May 16, 2012


Grilled vegetables – love them, and this is one of my favorites – a little olive oil. balsamic vinegar and garlic and it is good to go on the grill.  Mmm :)

Wordless Wednesday -Favorite grilled vegetableFavorite Grilled vegetable!


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McHappy Day is such a great day!

Charities, Ronald McDonald House, Uncategorized - rossana - April 26, 2012

Ronald McDonald House and McHappy Day

I have been blessed, and had the good fortune not to have had a child hospitalized for any reason.  Unfortunately, not so many families are as lucky, but Ronald McDonald House provides  support and the much needed comfort of a home-away-from-home for out-of-town families with seriously ill children who are being treated at nearby children’s hospitals.

Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 is McHappy Day, on that day Restaurant employees across Canada will be joined by local sports and media personalities, politicians, community leaders, and entertainers celebrating the 19th annual McHappy  Day.

Along with being served your order by a  local celebrity,  one dollar from every Big Mac, Happy Meal, Coffee & Tea sold goes to local children’s charities across the country such as Ronald McDonald House in support of children and their families  in need.

McDonald’s Canada covers all of RMHC Canada’s administrative and operating costs, making it possible for 100 per cent of every directly donated dollar to go to Ronald McDonald Houses and their programs. For more information on RMHC Canada, visit:

So on May 2, 2012, I will be going in to support my local McDonald’s and purchasing a coffee since it one of the things I can have as it is gluten free. Please drop into your local McDonald’s and support McHappy Day, if you can’t  make it,  you can still support by  texting MCHAPPY to 30333 to make a $5 donation* to RMHC of Canada and by “Liking” McDonald’s Canada on Facebook

You an also follow McDonald’s Canada on Twitter.

Enjoy your #McHappyDay!


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CooCoo for Pinterest

Pinterest, Uncategorized - rossana - April 20, 2012

Have you discovered Pinterest?  This platform is the latest craze – it is amazing how fast it has caught on with everyone! If you haven’t heard of it, Pinterest is basically a virtual book marking site, but instead of having to search through topics, you get a seemingly never-ending visual display of boards from people you follow; I find that I can spend hours there and not realize it – there are so many wonderful things to see and pin!


The boards are visual explosions of food, clothing, books, and places to visit- the list is endless.  Just going through all the food boards makes me incredibly hungry!

If you aren’t craving something before you get on, you certainly will be in a short amount of time!


I also love some of the style boards around, makes putting together outfits so easy, I have even learned to 100 ways to wear a scarf as well as how to turn a t-shirt into a pretty cool looking vest! ! There are some amazing DIY boards, I spend a lot of time ‘surfing’ but having all this in one place makes it so easy, I come across things I would probably never thought of searching, but as I go through the boards, so many things catch my eye – makes it really  difficult for my ADD brain. So much stimulation!  But I love it!

Click on the pin, and if it has been pinned correctly from the source, you will be taken to the site so that you can get more information.


Lately, I have had an obsession with really funky treehouses– something I would never have thought to search for – seeing the visual pins made me want to see more, so now that is one of my new faves!


I truly believe that one of the developers had a secret passion for food and food photography, the food pins are so visually stimulating, you can’t help but want to pin them or click on them to follow them back to the original source, to get the recipe and try it out for yourself.  I am sure that they rank among the top topics pinned!



So many yummy things!



So intriguing and beautiul!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Happy Pinning!

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Celebrating Easter and Passover

Celebration, Holidays, Uncategorized - rossana - April 6, 2012

This weekend, Both Easter and Passover will be celebrated, but no matter which holiday you celebrate, there are many traditions that come with both.

 Food is an integral part of those traditions, but whether you are serving matzo & matzo ball soup and brisket, lamb or ham; it is a wonderful gathering and a time to enjoy family.

 Everyone has special memories surrounding certain foods, and this helps solidify all the relationships we have with each other. Easter and Passover  help to reinforce that.

 At our house, we celebrate Easter.  As a young girl, I remember going to church on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday, but most of all, I remember all the food & all the family together.  We have slightly different traditions now as we integrate them with my husband’s family, but we still have the food and. the family get-together

One tradition that will never change is making sure everyone gets chocolate!  When our daughter was little, the Easter egg hunt was the highlight of the morning [it usually took all morning for her to find all the eggs] over the years, she has become much better & faster at  finding them [ or I became predictable 😉 ] . Even though she is a teen, she has asked for us to do that again this year, without the usual notes from the Easter Bunny. Well, we stopped that a few years ago… when we had to tell her that we were the Easter Bunny as well as Santa and the tooth fairy.

But at our house even the adults get chocolate – it is only fair! We just don’t have to go looking for it!  

Hope that whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover , you embrace and enjoy family [and the food].



Celebrating Easter and Passover




Happy Easter and Happy Passover!


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