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Warm weather meals -Barbeque season

Barbeque - rossana - March 19, 2012

Barbeque Season

I love food – each season always seems to bring specific foods with it.

Spring seems to have pretty much arrived and along with it, barbeque season. Everyone has started to pull out the Barbeque and dust it off  for the upcoming summer season.  There is nothing [well at least to me] that smells better than something being grilled on the  barbecue.

Some people like to just throw the meat on the Barbeque, others prepare elaborate marinades and sauces for whatever they are throwing on the grill. It depends on what I am going to grill as to what I put on it.  Personally,  I like a steak as is; meaning I don’t really think that it is necessary to add anything to it – I like the taste of  the meat itself with out having to enhance it.  Although, certain marinades can make lesser cuts of meat much more palatable.

The great thing about cooking on the Barbeque is that you can cook so much more than meat!  I cook fries, pizza, polenta, grilled vegetables. I have even made a casserole on the grill.

We also have a side burner – funny thing is, I never actually used it until this past summer,  I always put everything over the grill.  It does allow you to do so much more!

What is your favorite dish to make on the BBQ?

I will be posting on this blog weekly, but  you can also come on over to my other blog, where I post gluten free recipes and check that out.

Happy grilling!



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Crazy Quilt Summer Salad

Potluck, Salad - Jennifer - August 2, 2011

One of the best things about summer for my family is its easy-going freeform nature.  My kids who played organized sports are through by now, and although we do have regularly occurring events each week, we are generally able to go with the flow, pick up an extra kid here and there, and do what we want.  I love this salad because it has those same characteristics:  throw in what you have, don’t worry about what you don’t, and just go with it!

My must-have ingredients:
Fresh broccoli florets
Grape tomatoes
Red grapes

I’ve added on occasion:
Shredded parmesan
Bacon bits
Green peppers

Add your choice of:
Hellman’s Mayonnaise Dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Any sweet Italian dressing
(I prefer the mayonnaise version, but if your salad is going to be sitting out in the heat, the Italian is a better option.)

Toss everything together, and voila!

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Taking Breathe, Sleep, and EAT Baseball to a Whole New Level

Barbeque, kitchen gadgets - Jennifer - April 28, 2011

We’ve always been a big baseball family, and if it would EVER stop raining here in the Midwest, we will be out practicing, playing, and viewing several games a week (little league, pick-up, White Sox games, etc.). And since I’m thinking ahead, with Father’s Day coming up, I decided to look into some fun barbeque-style kitchen gadgets for the dads and grandpas out there. has this cute spatula for only $9.99.

They’re a little pricier, but these bottle openers from Uncommon Goods are made out of actual Major League Baseball game-used bats.

For serving condiments and relishes, 17 Circle offers this cute set.

Everything Baseball has all sorts of baseball-themed bar and partyware, but my favorite is this chip & dip set.

In my search for a White Sox cooler, I found this great mini-fridge at the USA Today Sports Store. It holds an entire case of beer and can be plugged into a regular wall socket or a car’s cigarette lighter, so we can put it on the deck during summer cookouts, and take it with us to tailgate parties in the fall.

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Grooming My Future Competitive Eaters

breakfast, Dinner, eggs, kitchen gadgets, Product Reviews - Jennifer - January 2, 2011

Living in the midwest, we don’t cook outside anywhere near as often in the winter, and I really miss the taste of grilled food, as well as the expanded menu offerings that come from outdoor cooking.  So when I stumbled across the Nathan’s Reversible Stovetop Grill & Griddle while Christmas shopping, I just couldn’t pass it up.  And yes, that’s Nathan’s as in Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters, sponsors of the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island that my family can’t miss watching in horrified admiration every summer! 

We took our new Nathan’s Grill/Griddle on a test run today for lunch.  On the menu:  Nathan’s hot dogs (natch) and Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage.  The Grill/Griddle fits over both front and back burners of our gas stove (the only cooking surface not compatible is glass) and distributes the heat evenly.  Although the hot dogs cooked pretty quickly, the sausages took more than twice as long as they typically would on the outdoor grill.  But I liked how the grease was channeled away from the meat, and 40 minutes later, we thoroughly enjoyed our summer-style lunch in the middle of winter.  Afterwards, clean-up was a breeze on the non-stick surface.

On the flip side of the grill is the griddle, which holds further appeal for us.  Making breakfast for a family of six is no small endeavor, and the expanded surface of the griddle will make for much faster pancake production.  The box even depicts pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and potatoes all cooking simultaneously on the griddle surface, but that’s a challenge for another day.  So far, Nathan’s Famous Reversible Stovetop Grill & Griddle gets a thumbs up from my family, although I hope it will be quite a while before any of them can down 50 hotdogs in a ten-minute sitting!

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