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Celebrating Easter and Passover

Celebration, Holidays, Uncategorized - rossana - April 6, 2012

This weekend, Both Easter and Passover will be celebrated, but no matter which holiday you celebrate, there are many traditions that come with both.

 Food is an integral part of those traditions, but whether you are serving matzo & matzo ball soup and brisket, lamb or ham; it is a wonderful gathering and a time to enjoy family.

 Everyone has special memories surrounding certain foods, and this helps solidify all the relationships we have with each other. Easter and Passover  help to reinforce that.

 At our house, we celebrate Easter.  As a young girl, I remember going to church on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday, but most of all, I remember all the food & all the family together.  We have slightly different traditions now as we integrate them with my husband’s family, but we still have the food and. the family get-together

One tradition that will never change is making sure everyone gets chocolate!  When our daughter was little, the Easter egg hunt was the highlight of the morning [it usually took all morning for her to find all the eggs] over the years, she has become much better & faster at  finding them [ or I became predictable 😉 ] . Even though she is a teen, she has asked for us to do that again this year, without the usual notes from the Easter Bunny. Well, we stopped that a few years ago… when we had to tell her that we were the Easter Bunny as well as Santa and the tooth fairy.

But at our house even the adults get chocolate – it is only fair! We just don’t have to go looking for it!  

Hope that whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover , you embrace and enjoy family [and the food].



Celebrating Easter and Passover




Happy Easter and Happy Passover!


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Breakfast of champions

breakfast - Kayla - September 9, 2009

During the summer my guys love to sleep in & then start their day with a big breakfast.Now that we are back at school I don’t want them to miss out on the big breakfast that starts their day off right, but we don’t have the kind of time it takes to leisurely make a large 1st meal either.

So to solve this problem I have a few tricks that have made sure my guys get a great healthy hearty start to their day & I don’t have to get up at 5 am to do it.

*Plan ahead!

I make up a menu at the beginning of the week & post it on the fridge so that my family knows what’s available to choose from. I don’t assign a day to each meal-we aren’t that scheduled & the lack of choice never has worked with my boys. But this takes the Uhhh what’s for breakfast today, that usually leads to  coffee & a donut.

*Make ahead

Protein is the most important part of a healthy breakfast & often times the most time consuming. So I buy sausage or bacon & cook it all on Monday so it is ready to go for the week. You can also do this with eggs & taters. One of our favs is breakfast burritos, you can make a mess of them & freeze or refrigerate them for later. They are easy & can be grab & go too.

I alos cut fruit ahead of time for wasy grab & go!

*Forzen if from your toater is still homemade!

That’s right! I do frozen waffles or you can make your own on Sunday & save some to freeze and toast later if you prefer. But this is quick, easy & still hot & ready to go with out the mess of waffle or pancake prep to worry about. I also do biscuits this way & my guys eat em up!


By taking as much work out of breakfast as you can you know have a few minutes to sit with your kids. Often schedules are so crazy this might be the only time you see each other today, so take advantage of it. Feed yourself & sit down to a hot, home cooked meal with your kids! You will be amazed  how this helps your day get off on the right foot too.

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End of Summer Fondue Party

Dinner, healthy "fast" food, Tips & Tricks - Kayla - August 13, 2009

Well summer is winding down & fall will soon be here. But before you start your canning & pie making try a fun outdoor fondue party to close out summer in style!

What you will need
Fresh fruit from your local market
A bit of h2o
A fondue pot or double broiler
Metal skewers

How to do it
Simply add a bit of water & zap your chocolate in the microwave or use a fondue pot & fallow directions on your pot.
Gather your dippables & kissables
Dip & enjoy your fruit family & friends
-Happy summers end

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