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Halloween Treats

Halloween is favourite holiday around our house- as soon as one is done our daughter is thinking up a costume for the next year – this year she is going to go as the wicked queen from Once upon a time.  Can’t wait to see her all dressed up!
Along with dressing up she loves all the wonderful Halloween treats that go along with it.  One of My best go to places for great desserts any time of the year is Kraft Canada [well for pretty much anything] their website is filled with so many great tips and information.
The Kraft Canada website even has a page specifically dedicated to Halloween, it is full of amazing recipes, party ideas, decorations  and tips for a great Halloween party! They also have some great stencils that we can use on our pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin stencils
After  they go out trick or treating, the kids will be coming back for some Halloween treats at our house. I took   a quick look at the site and I found some great snacks for them to have when they come back with loaded bags.  This is a Mummy cookie balls recipe I found that looks great and will be a hit with the kids. It is also one that I can easily make gluten free, so my daughter can enjoy along with her friends.

There are also some great games available  on the site that they can play! I think this will be a fun one:
Mummy Wrap:
Divide kids into teams of 3 (1 mummy, 1 wrapper, 1 un-wrapper). Each team gets 1 extra-large roll of toilet paper. This is a timed event, so instruct the kids that on your signal, one team member must wrap the “mummy” in toilet paper. When the roll is complete (and the mummy is mostly covered) the 2nd team member unwraps the mummy (no tearing the toilet paper, it has to be unrolled). The first team to finish, wins. This is a great activity, especially when you play it to fast-paced Halloween music.

Whatever it is that the kids have or play afterwards, make sure that they are safe when they are going out; have some reflective tape on their clothing [I get the glow in the dark neon bracelets and necklaces for them to wear  that way they also have  bit of a light source] and make sure there is a group of them going out together [teens don’t like you going with them] as well as making sure that they are carrying a cell phone to call if they need picking up or feel threatened in any way.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!  :)


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Halloween Candy infographic

Desserts, Halloween, Information, Uncategorized - rossana - October 25, 2012

It always interests me how much Halloween candy and what type is consumed the most, take a look at this:

Halloween Candy infographic

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Favourite Halloween costume- it is that time of year!

Fun, Uncategorized - rossana - October 4, 2012

Halloween is coming up just around the corner. Do your kids have a favourite Halloween costume planned?  My daughter would start to think about her costume literally the week after Halloween – I loved her enthusiasm!

She came up with some pretty cool ideas and she would get them all together herself.  She must have caught that from my husband – he loved dressing up for Halloween – had elaborate costumes that he made himself – we finally got rid of some of them on our move back from Vancouver, but I am sure he is wishing we had kept them.  I remember one year, he decided he was going to be a Christmas tree – he looked great, awesome tree – only problem was that back then we didn’t have battery powered lights, so he had to stay close to a plug so his lights would work!

Here is one of the costumes we did manage to keep.

Favourite Halloween Costume


Do you have a favorite costume that you made up from your past or your child’s?

If you happen to have captured some awesome Halloween costumes and moments,  Nestle Canada  is sponsoring a great contest ->  .  Enter to win grand prize of  $2000 of Chocolates for you and your street!  There will also be 5 weekly prizes drawn.

Make sure to like their page and just upload at least one (1) photograph of yourself, somebody or someone you know wearing a Halloween costume. You can enter as many times as you would like; you have until Oct 8th, then finalists will be  chosen by the judging panel.  They  will judge the entries based on a combination of the following judging criteria; the best that  demonstrate costume creativity, humour, scariness and originality. You will then be able to vote for your favourite FINALIST by October 22nd, the winner will be announced October 24th.  Unfortunately, this contest is only open to Canadians, except those in Quebec. Read rules and regulations.

Good luck !



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Halloween Candy: Choose Carefully, or You Could Send the Wrong Message!

Sweets - Jennifer - October 27, 2011

I’ll be heading out to Sam’s Club in a few minutes to lay in our supply of Halloween candy.  We get a LOT of trick or treaters, so I have to be adequately prepared.  We live near the busy intersection of two main routes through our town, and our corner seems to be a drop off point for van-loads of kids (and some are none too young!) from other communities who invade ours for the goodies.  We are not an upscale village, by any means, but I think we just have lots of people who rush home from work to be there and actually answer the door, and the opportunists have discovered us!

I generally buy heavier on the chocolate end because those are the leftovers we prefer to have around (as if there are any leftovers!), but I also add in some chewy confections because my kids like those.  And now, your choice of candy as a barometer of what kind of person you are (tee-hee!):

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Wordless Wednesday . . . Squirrel Edition

Fruit, Wordless Wednesday - Jennifer - October 12, 2011

What happens when we get our pumpkins too early.

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